Product Description

MobiBox helps publishers (networks) generate revenue by launching advertising campaigns and monitoring their performance. The platform offers a centralized platform for managing campaigns, along with a vast marketplace of exclusive and viral apps that connect publishers to a diverse range of supported payment methods, including direct carrier billing and app store payments.

With MobiBox’s advanced dashboards and powerful BI reporting, publishers can monitor campaign performance in real-time and optimize strategies to boost ROI.


The objective of releasing these features on the MobiBox platform is to improve the user experience for MobiBox’s publishers and enable them to better manage and optimize their campaigns.

It provides them with a more user-friendly efficient platform for creating and tracking their campaigns. By making it easier for publishers to sign up and access the available offers, MobiBox aims to increase their revenue and improve their ROI. The predefined traffic distribution and available Geos allow publishers to quickly identify the best campaigns for their target audience and increase their chances of success.

The ability to create and track campaigns on a centralized platform streamlines the process for publishers, saving them time and effort.

New Features

MobiBox platform was enhanced with new features designed to help publishers streamline the monetization process and make it more efficient for them to maximize the potential of their content and turn traffic into sales.


The objective of releasing these features is to improve the user experience for MobiBox’s advertising partners and enable them to better manage and optimize their campaigns. Here is an enhanced version of the features:

Networks are now able to:

  • Sign up easily: MobiBox has streamlined the sign-up process to make it quick and easy for new advertising partners to join the platform and start launching campaigns.

  • Check the offer wall: Publishers can now easily browse the offer wall to see the available offers and select the ones that best fit their target audience.

  • Benefit from predefined traffic distribution.

  • Check available Geos: Publishers can now see the available Geos for each offer, making it easier to target specific regions with their campaigns.

  • Create campaigns: Publishers can now create campaigns directly from the platform, using customizable templates to quickly launch new campaigns and start generating revenue.

  • Track Campaigns: MobiBox offers advanced tracking and reporting tools to help advertising partners monitor the performance of their campaigns in real-time, enabling them to make informed decisions and optimize their strategies for better results.

Fixed Issues

These features aim to provide MobiBox’s connected publishers with greater flexibility, control, and insight into their campaigns, helping them to drive more revenue and achieve their marketing goals more effectively.