Ai Module

Introducing Mobibox AI Module Toolkit

MobiBox AI module leverages AI technology across different levels in the user acquisition journey and marketing process - from banners and landing pages to campaigns.

Al Platform Integration

Smart Bidding with AI

The Al platform employs Smart Bidding, using machine learning to optimize bids in real-time for each ad auction based on factors like conversion likelihood, conversion value, and target CPA.

Ad Algorithm Optimization

Al algorithms analyze data to auto-adjust ad group settings. This involves bid adjustments, suggesting keywords, and generating ad content.

Our AI-powered tool

AI Campaigns

Unlock AI-powered campaigns launched through MobiBox's Integrated Google and Social Media Accounts for In-App Purchases and Mobile Subscriptions (including DCB and credit card).

Gain access to dedicated ad accounts via our MCC, to connect your desired campaign from the ad account inventory and have it managed by AI.

Smartlink Rotation

AI algorithms identify patterns in EPC (Earnings Per Click) results. If certain offers or strategies are consistently outperforming others, AI can automatically allocate more traffic to these high-performing offers, optimizing overall EPC results.

Anomaly Detection

Powered by cutting-edge machine learning technology, this tool allows you to proactively monitor your campaigns and spot unexpected spikes or drops in conversion rates or payments by identifying patterns or data points that deviate significantly from the norm or expected behavior.

This tool offers the convenience of receiving notifications via email, Telegram, or IT Service Management (ITSM) software

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