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Handling your payment process can be a time-consuming task. From managing recurring billing and hosting content to handling payment options and connecting with payment providers, there is a lot to keep track of, aside from fraud prevention, tracking, and attribution. That's where MobiBox comes in, so you can focus on providing your services. With seamless integration with leading master aggregators across the EMEA, MobiBox eliminates the need to establish individual connections with payment providers on your own. All you need is to obtain commercial approval from payment providers and leave the technical part to us.

How Do Content Providers Benefit From Our Payment Hosting?

Billing Pages Hosting

We offer the option to host your billing pages with MobiBox Hosting Solution, so you can take advantage of its reliable and fast landing pages. This gives you the flexibility to host your services wherever you want, with the peace of mind that your billing pages are secure and always accessible.

Seamless In-App Monetization SDK

Are you tired of missing out on valuable monetization opportunities for your digital content? MobiBox's IN-APP monetization SDK is here to change that. With our multi-payment wall and customizable conversion funnels, you can easily configure any or all payment types to fit your monetization needs.

Simplified DCB Connections

Access and manage all your Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) connections in the MENA and Europe regions with ease, thanks to MobiBox's unified API interface. Say goodbye to complex operations and enjoy seamless billing management, all from a central point of access.

Connections with Master Aggregators

With MobiBox, you'll benefit from our pre-established connections with master aggregators in the MENA and Europe regions, instead of building them on your own. If you have a deal with a payment provider that is not listed on our platform, we can add it for you for free.

Multiple Payment Options

Accept payments through either store billing or Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) with ease. Our platform provides the flexibility you need to choose the payment options that work best for your service.

S2S Hook

The S2S Hook can simplify the management of your billing system. It facilitates smooth communication between our hosting platform and your billing system, which allows us to handle your billing tasks for you.


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How Can Advertisers Generate Revenue?

Maximize Your Earnings Potential: Discover Our Revenue-Boosting Features

In-App Subscription

By offering in-app subscriptions, advertisers can generate recurring revenue from mobile app users.

The MobiBox SDK for in-app subscriptions is smart and dynamic, allowing for real-time adjustments to subscription pricing and billing.
This can help optimize revenue and minimize churn.

MobiBox advanced dashboards and BI reports provide insights into the performance of in-app subscriptions, allowing merchants to make
data-driven decisions and optimize their marketing strategy.

Discover our Tracking and Attribution Component, which includes advanced tools such as built-in fraud prevention, advanced BI reporting, and a customizable dashboard through MobiBox’s state-of-art advertising solution.

Streamline Your Business with Our All-in-One Solution: Monetizing, Hosting, Payment Management, Advertising, and Real-Time Insights.

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