App Monetization SDK

Are You An App Developer Looking To Take Your App To The Next Level?

MobiBox SDK stands as a robust tool for developers, elevating the functionality of their mobile applications. Designed for user-friendly integration, it requires only a single setup, ensuring accessibility for developers across various technical expertise levels.

Fast Integration

Easily integrate MobiBox SDK with just one line of code to unlock a host of tools for monetization, tracking, and more-all in no time.

Ad Monetization

Maximize revenue through intelligent ad placement and utilize various ad networks for optimal performance

Why choose MobiBox SDK

The all-in-one solution for dynamic paywalls, subscription analytics, user behavior tracking, and more.

Fully Customizable

Your paywalls, your way. Enjoy fully customizable templates.

Targeting & Personalization

Serve up the perfect paywall for each user based on individual traits.

Update Paywalls Remotely

Skip the app release hassle. Deploy & update paywalls from anywhere, anytime.

A/B Tetsing

Find our what resonates best and drives results.

Subscription & Revenue Analytics

Monitor new subscriptions, cancellations, and renewals for insights.

Attribution Tracking

Track user engagement across channels to optimize campaigns.

User Behavior Analytics

Track daily active users and identify app deletions to improve apps.

App Performance

Monitor app crashes and fix issues with app performance reports.

Push Notifications

Engage users with timely and relevant push notifications toincrease retention.

Email Marketing

Collect user emails and create targeted email campaigns with ease.

Take control of your app's success

Get started with MobiBox SDK today!

Streamline Your Business with Our All-in-One Solution: Monetizing, Hosting, Payment Management, Advertising, and Real-Time Insights.

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